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Diesel Price in Pakistan | Diesel Rates in Pakistan

Diesel Prices High Speed Diesel Price in Pakistan329.18 /Ltr (Pak Rupee) Diesel Review The diesel price in Pakistan is included in one of the pioneering factors that is affecting the economy of the country as it has drastically increased in the previous years. The entire

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Petrol Prices(Updated on 16 September, 2023) Petrol Prices in Pakistan331.38 /Ltr (Pak Rupee) Petrol Review High rate inflation is one of the major concerns for the economics of every country and Pakistan is already facing a critical economic meltdown. There has been a gradual increase

How To Make A Silver Ring With Gemstone?

Making a silver ring with a gemstone can be a fun and rewarding experience. You will need a few things to get started, including some basic tools and supplies, as well as a design for your ring. This blog post will walk you through making

How To Clean A Silver Ring?(let’s take a look)

Do you have a silver ring that needs some cleaning? Not sure how to go about it? Some people believe that cleaning silver is a difficult task. However, with the right tools and methods, it can be a breeze. Well, you've come to the right

Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan | Kerosene Oil Rate

Kerosene Oil Prices Kerosene Oil Price in Pakistan98.46 /Ltr (Pak Rupee) Kerosene Oil Review Kerosene oil does not cost same at each place; instead, it has extreme variation in price in different parts of the world. Pakistan is suffering from severe economical conditions due to

CNG Prices in Pakistan

CNG Prices CNG Price in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Region-I)79.82 /Kg (Pak Rupee) CNG Price in Rawalpindi (Region-I)79.82 /Kg (Pak Rupee) CNG Price in Baluchistan (Region-I) 79.82 /Kg (Pak Rupee) CNG Price in Islamabad (Region-I) 79.82 /Kg (Pak Rupee) CNG Price in Potohar (Region-I)79.82 /Kg (Pak Rupee)

Cement Prices In Pakistan | Cement Rates In Pkr

Cement Prices Lucky Cement725 (Pak Rupees) DG Khan Cement725 (Pak Rupees) Maple Leaf Cement755 (Pak Rupees) Fauji Cement725 (Pak Rupees) Attock Cement720 (Pak Rupees) Best Way Cement740 (Pak Rupees) Cement Review Cement Industry in Pakistan – Historical Perspective: At the time of independence, Pakistan had

Mobilink-Warid Joint Venture for Cheaper Call Packages

Mobilink-Warid Merger Brings Happy News for Mobilink & Warid Clientele: After the successful merger of Warid with Mobilink, the resulting Mobilink-Warid telecom company has emerged with over fifty million users across the country. Now calls with certain prepaid and postpaid packages are considered as on-net

Best Mac Foundations For Dry Skin Price in Pakistan

Mac offers the best foundations for all skin types. If you have dry and flaky skin, you need a special formula so that your face does not end up looking cakey or powdery when you apply some base under your makeup. Mac takes care of


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