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Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

Internet in Pakistan started in early 1990s. According to ITU (International Telecommunication Union) there were 133,900 people who were using internet by year 2000 which was just 0.1 percent of total population of Pakistan. However this percentage increased to 7.2 of total population in 2006 with 12 million internet users. Today, telecommunication is one of the fastest-growing industries with 31 million internet users at a percentage of 17.6 of total population of Pakistan. The rapidly increasing number of users allowed broadband providers to introduce their internet service in the country. The number of internet service providers has also been increasing at the same pace. However here we will discuss only top five ISPs in Pakistan.

Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is the leading telecommunication authority in the country. PTCL is also leading broadband service provider in Pakistan sharing the largest user base. Being the backbone for country’s telecommunication infrastructure, PTCL provides fixed wired broadband and wireless broadband based on EvDO technology with the brand name of EVO. PTCL also claims to offer the highest broadband speed with a lot of internet packages. It was PTCL that first introduced internet in Pakistan with dial-up connection.

Wateen Telecom

Wateen is the sister company of Warid Telecom – Abu Dhabi Group having its’ headquarter situated in Lahore. Wateen was the first provider to introduce WiMAX network in Pakistan where it started its operations in 2007. Recently, the company was announced as top wireless broadband provider by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as it won the Consumer Choice Award. The Abu Dhabi firm not only offers complete internet solutions but it also delivers voice, multimedia and enterprise solutions across the country.


Wi-Tribe is another popular internet service brand that launched its business in 2007 in Pakistan. It is worth to note that Wi-Tribe only serves in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. According to 2010 Pakistan Telecommunications Authority Annual Report, Wi-Tribe was #1 rated for quality service. The company offers internet packages in three categories such as Postpaid, Prepaid and Business packages. Having its headquarter situated in Doha, Qatar the company also operates in Jordan and Philippines. Other names are Qtel Group and Qatar Telecom Group.


Another company to name from Gulf is the subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding. For Pakistan, LINKdotNET offers products and services in three categories such as Link Home, Link Work and Link Enterprise. Other services are: Business DSL, Domain Hosting, Home DSL, Dial-up, ISDN, Global Connectivity, Data Networks and VPNs and Dedicated IP Internet Access. The company has to name many awards and certificates since it launched its internet services in the country. LINKdotNET first started in Egypt but today it has offices in all across Gulf countries including Pakistan.


Founded in 2007, Qubee is the brand of Qubee Broadband service operating in only four cities, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad of Pakistan while it also operates in Bangladesh. The company has a mission to seek broadband for all specially for underserved communities in Pakistan. Qubee offers many products and packages mainly: Postpay, Prepay, Youth Package and SME Package.

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