Iron Rod or Iron Bar Prices in Pakistan

Iron Rod or Iron Bar Prices in Pakistan
  • Iron Rod or Iron Bar Prices in Pakistan
  • Product Type : Iron Bar
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 70 To Rs. 72 per Kg

  • Iron Br Prices
  • Tor Bar Karachi 1KG70 To Rs. 72 (Pak Rupee)

Iron Bar Review

Irons rods are the most desiring product most oftenly used in construction works and armed concrete. It’s a type of non-ornamental wrought iron that is quite heavy and solid. There are so many companies in Pakistan that are manufacturing iron steel and rods for this purpose. You can compare Iron rods price in Pakistan with other high and low categories available. Basically, there are different types of iron rods meant accordingly with desire demand in various thicknesses. You can purchase wrought iron from any construction shop that is working in this field. The price depends on the quality and quantity. It is measured per Kg. For example, in Pakistan you might get iron rods 70 to 72 rupees per kg. This product is exclusively designed and shaped in Pakistan in Karachi, and then from there it is transferred and supplied in various parts of the country. They are so tightly bonded that they can’t be break off and handle. IT requires cutter to cut it in different pieces. Certainly, the uses of Iron rods have become so wide that almost every construction requires this. You will find these rods in bridges, homes, buildings, foundations, roofs and many more. It provides strength and rigidness in the building and makes the entire construction bold and strong. It is always mixed with cement and small rock stones to make pillars with it.

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    Asif Says:

    November 10, 2016

    5 marla house RCC lenter mein kitna iron bar use ho ga.(single story).


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