Warid Prepaid Internet PackagesPrices in Pakistan
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Warid Prepaid Internet Packages

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Warid has been one of the pioneer cellular companies in Pakistan and brings lots of value added services for customers. You can sense that how much these services are valued from the following internet packages that are valid only for prepaid numbers. Each package has been offered with handsome features keeping in mind the real time needs and requirements of public. Scratch those details and enjoy with your Warid network.

Warid Prepaid Internet Package

Prepaid GPRS Bucket / Monthly Internet Bucket:

GPRS bucket is a handsome deal by Warid for its prepaid customers to enjoy on the internet while paying much lower rates. It is a monthly offer by Warid and internet data capacity is sanctioned in the form of consumable units. These are the details of this internet bucket.

  • After subscription to prepaid GPRS bucket, you are given 10MB units of internet data capacity.
  • These units are to be utilized within a month from the time of subscription.
  • Charges for availing this internet bucket are Rs.30 plus taxes.
  • This service is available only for prepaid customers.
  • To subscribe to this bucket offer, write a message of “data” and send it to 3282.
  • After the expiry of period or usage of 10MB units, customer will be charged as per normal GPRS prepaid charges.

Voice, SMS and GPRS Offer / Power Pack Offer:

This is three in one offer by Warid only for its prepaid customers. Subscribing to this offer, customer is granted free minutes, SMS and free internet usage. It is called power pack offer and it really is because all the possible services are packed inside it. Read the details and rejoice with this Warid Power Pack Offer.

  • Customer can avail 5 free minutes, 100 SMS and 5MB of internet units after subscribing to this offer.
  • These offers will be limited only for one day.
  • Charges for power pack offer will be Rs.4.99 plus taxes per day.
  • 5 free minutes can utilized from Warid to Warid while SMS can be sent to any network across Pakistan.
  • For subscription, write “p” and send it to 7777.
  • Each SMS sent to 7777 will cost you Rs.1 plus taxes.

Glow by Warid Internet Prepaid Packages:

Glow is another exciting service by Warid and it is operating at its best level to bring value added packages for subscribers. Regarding internet packages, there are many and perhaps in a more broadened sense. You can activate any of the daily hourly, daily or monthly packages on your network. All the packages are valid only for prepaid customers. Do find out the details of these packages under individual heads.

Daily Hourly Bundles:

There are two packages under this section. Both are exciting and the most economical packages you will find on any network. You can surf the internet many hours but the limit of time specified should be followed in this regard. Details of these packages are as follows.

Bundle 1:

  • You can use unlimited amount of internet data from 1am to 10pm.
  • Cost of subscribing to this package is Rs.1.50 plus taxes.
  • This offer is only available for Super Dosti Package.
  • To subscribe to this internet bucket, SMS “DM” to 7777.
  • Each SMS sent to 7777 will be charged at the rate of Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • A fail usage policy will be applied for unlimited data i.e. 100MB.

Surf Twilight:

  • After subscription, you can surf the web for unlimited units from 1am to 9am.
  • It will cost you Rs.20 plus taxes.
  • This offer can be availed by any prepaid customer of Glow by Warid.
  • The simplicity of subscription is always there. Just SMS “Twilight” to 7777.
  • This SMS will cost Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • You cannot subscribe to this package for two times in a day. Doing this you will be charged as per tariff but you will be unable to use mobile internet for the second time.
  • It will not be re-subscribed after the expiry of validity period.

Daily Bundles:

Apart from the daily hourly bundles, you can also go for the daily bundles on which one whole day surfing on the web is allowed. These bundles are also segregated according to the costs and internet data usage capacities. Record the details in your mind and switch onto any package from your handset.

Bundle 2:

  • You are given 2MBs of internet data capacity for one whole day from the time of subscription.
  • These 2MBs will be charged at the rate of Rs.2.99 plus taxes.
  • For subscription to this bundle offer, SMS “2MB” to 7777.
  • Each SMS sent to 7777 will cost you Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • This package is valid only for Glow prepaid customers.
  • Package expires at 12am daily.

Bundle 3:

  • Customer can use 15MB of internet data after subscription to this package.
  • Validity period is one day and package will be expired on 12am sharp.
  • Cost of activating this internet bundle is Rs.10 plus taxes.
  • Write “15MB” and send it to 7777.
  • This activation SMS will cost you Rs.1 plus taxes.

Monthly Bundles:

And widening its horizons, Glow now presents monthly internet bundles. There are two bundles that can be subscribed for one whole month while costing you at much lower rates. Details of these monthly packages are as follows.
Bundle 1:

  • You can use 10MB of mobile internet for the whole month from the date of subscription.
  • Charges are Rs.30 plus taxes.
  • You can subscribe to this bundle offer by sending “10MB” to 7777 which will cost you Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • Only prepaid customers of Glow by Warid can subscribe to this bundle.

Bundle 2:

  • Subscribing to Bundle 2 monthly offer, you account will be credited with 100MB of mobile internet units.
  • This bundle is worth Rs.99.99 plus taxes.
  • The validity will remain for the whole month from the date of subscription.
  • For subscription, send an SMS to 7777 with “100MB”.
  • This offer is also valid only for prepaid customers.
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  1. mehtabApr 4,2013 Reply

    please increse monthly internet pakg in instead of 100mb to 500mb

  2. schezadMar 22,2013 Reply

    please make ur internet packages more reasonable atleast u can increase ur mb’s in Rs100…
    atleast 500mb will be better than ever in Rs.100

  3. DanialOct 12,2012 Reply

    Bundle 2 Offer is good. 100 rupees is nothing for gaining 100 mb internet for one month period.

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