Muft Hafta Offer by Warid

Muft Hafta Offer by Warid is the most exciting promotion offer introduced by any mobile network ever. Go crazy making free calls, sending free text messages and enjoying numerous other facilities absolutely free of charge. You will be able to enjoy your “muft hafta” every week once a month for a time period of not just one or two, but six whole months. So, Warid lets you avail this wonderful offer for practically half a year. For the next six months, you will be in for a delightful experience of availing free services once a month every week. However, like mentioned, the free week will only be available once every month, not all the four weeks of every month.

Warid Muft Hafta Offer

Who can Enjoy Warid’s Muft Hafta Offer

Warid’s Muft Hafta Offer is available for all the customers of Warid prepaid as well as the users of Warid’s GLOW package. The GLOW package is one of the offers introduced by Warid to let its users avail low call rates and low SMS charges. Now the consumers of Warid’s GLOW package can completely minimize these low rates and turn them into a complete zero through this offer.

How to Avail the Muft Hafta Offer

First of all, all users should know that Warid’s Muft Hafta Offer is not a subscription offer. So, you do not pay for it; instead, you earn it through regular use of your Warid prepaid sim. All you have to do is talk to your heart’s content and exchange interesting messages with your family and friends day and need for a duration of four months. In turn, Warid will award you with one free week every month for the coming six months. It means, the more you use your sim, the closer you get to the Muft Hafta to talk it away.

Moreover, if you have not used your Warid prepaid sim for a period of one month, it is time to reactivate it as it will let you avail the Muft Hafta Offer. You will have to put your deactivated sim back to life till the 10th of March in order to be able to enjoy this super duper offer.

What Terms and Conditions Apply

As with all other packages, certain terms and conditions are associated with the Muft Hafta in order to ensure fair usage. Following are some of the most important terms, which should be in your knowledge.

  • This offer is available for a limited time only.
  • All the taxes imposed on other packages are applied to the Muft Hafta Offer as well.
  • Free calls can only be made to Warid users.
  • In case you don’t use your free minutes, they will expire after thirty days.
  • All Warid users who have not used their Warid prepaid sim since the 31st of January 2013 should reactivate their sims before 10th March in order to avail this offer.
  • The number of free minutes earned depends on your usage. The more you use your sim for four weeks, the higher will be the number of your free minutes.

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