Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerators Price in PakistanPrices in Pakistan
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Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerators Price in Pakistan
  • Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerators Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Mitsubishi
  • Product Type : Refrigerator
  • Model : Hybrid Series
  • Number Of Doors : Available in1, 2 or 3 Doors
  • Total Shelves : 9 or 10 Shelves
  • Cooling System : Fan, Multi Air Flow, Front or Surround
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 54,000 To Rs. 74,000
  • Colors : White, Pearl White, Onyx Black & Stainless Steel
  • Body Type : Hybrid

  • Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerators Prices
  • Hybrid MR-C41C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan54,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-C46C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan54,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-V50B Refrigerator Price in Pakistan55,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-V45C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan56,500 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-F30C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan58,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-U16U Refrigerator Price in Pakistan57,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-F62C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan57,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-F55C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan57,500 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-F51C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan74,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-F47C Refrigerator Price in Pakistan65,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-BF36B Refrigerator Price in Pakistan60,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Hybrid MR-BF43B Refrigerator Price in Pakistan62,000 (Pak Rupee)
Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerator Review
Mitsubishi has introduced Hybrid Series Refrigerators in the category of home appliances. The cost of these models is not a big amount in front of other expensive refrigerators. You can check and compare Mitsubishi Hybrid price in Pakistan with other high-tech refrigerators of Multinational companies and you will find them the perfect tag with the available resources. It looks like that the company has read your mind while manufacturing this fines refrigerators. It really comes up to expectation to keep your food items fresh all the time. It looks attractive in different colors and beautiful shiny surface. In Hybrid series models, a variety of styles is available in its structure by Mitsubishi to choose the one, which you like the most. This Asian technology takes very care about the people who bear warm atmosphere every year. Hybrid refrigerators make plenty of ice in no time and you can enjoy fresh meats and vegetables all the time. Not only Hybrid series refrigerators are unique in style, size and structure but they also perform at best of their abilities. This electronic device may be a perfect companion of your kitchen appliances and it keeps every food item fresh for all the day.
Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerator Pictures
Mitsubishi Hybrid Series Refrigerator Features
  • Surround Multi Air Flow System
  • Slide Chilled Case
  • Three-Way Flexi Shelf
  • Multi-free Pocket
  • Vegetable Case Upper
  • Freezer Caser Lower
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling System
  • Surround Cooling System
  • Auto Ice Making
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