Jazz 3 Pey 6 Offer

This time, Mobilink uses humor to advertise its Jazz 3 Pey 6 Offer for its customers, a new offer that gives 6 minutes of talk time for a cost of 3 minutes. This is the first time Jazz has come up with such a dazzling offer. However, using humor to advertise was previously considered the domain on Ufone packages, but not anymore.3 Pey 6 Offer

So, what’s the deal in the Jazz 3 Pey 6 Offer package? All the user has to do is to subscribe to this offer and avail the lowered calling costs. The brightest part of this deal is that it has no recurring or activation charges, like most other offers by almost every Telecom company. Moreover, the users will be charged the same per pulse cost that they have according to their calling package.

So, if you are using Jazz Easy, your package allows you to make calls at Rs. 0.99 + Tax / 30 seconds. With this package, you will be charged for the first three minutes, the next three minutes will bear no cost and the cycle will go on for longer calls. Overall, Jazz 3 Pey 6 Offer is a definitely a neat offer.

Activation Details:

  • If you want to activate this Jazz 3 Pey 6 Offer, simply dial *326# form your cell phone.
  • No daily charges or other additional charges are included in this offer.
  • This subjected offer is for each and every network, whether it is Mobilink, Ufone, Warid or Zong, even PTCL.
  • Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • This offer is on daily basis with 24 hours cycle. In other words, if you have activated this offer at 8:00 pm then you have to reactivate this offer after 8:pm next day.
  • It is a limited time offer.
  • Expiry date of this offer is 7th March 2013.
  • Taxes and government duties will be charged according to government regulations.
  • For the un-subscription, you have to type *326*4# on your screen and press dial. No charges are there for this un-subscription.
  • For the status inquiry, dial *326*2#. Rs. 0.15 + Tax (0.18) will be charged.
  • For package query, dial *326*3#. No charges are there for this service.

Mobilink has always tried its level best to come out with some exclusive offers. This offer is one of the remarkable offers of 2013. So far, Mobilink is the only network that gives affordable call rates not only to its own network but also to other networks. Activation method is quite and rather simple. Make sure that you avail Jazz 3 Pey 6 because it will on 7th March 2013. No subscription and un-subscription charges are there, what else could anyone want. This is only the tip of the ice berg. Use this offer and let us know your feedback.

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