How to Open an UBL Omni Bank Account And Omni ChargesPrices in Pakistan
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How to Open an UBL Omni Bank Account

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UBL Omni marks as a new array of banking facilities to your next-door Dukaan. Omni Dukaans can be found in more than 600 cities of Pakistan. This is a top landmark in the formation of banking system in Pakistan. This service has transformed the conventional banking system by giving the essential banking facilities not only in urban areas but also in rural areas of Pakistan. The 600+ Omni Dukaans have gone beyond the ordinary branch networks.

UBL Omni Bank Account

The service requires customer to open UBL Omni bank account for eligibility. You can open your UBL Omni bank account at any Omni Dukaan or UBL branch of your convenience, whether near to home or workplace. Your mobile number and CNIC number will be used to open your account. The service entitles to all cellular network providers in Pakistan while each account is identified with its respective mobile number of the customer. The monthly service charges are RS. 25 plus there will be additional usage charges applied. Let’s glance upon the services which you will be able to gain at UBL Omni bank account.

As soon as your UBL Omni account opens you will be able to entertain all essential banking services. These services include cash deposit and withdrawal, utility bills payments, funds transfers, receive money, prepaid mobile cards, postpaid mobile bills, plus much more by using divergent range of banking channels mainly UBL Netbanking/ WAP, ATM, SMS and Contact Centre. Now get the freedom from visiting your branch to make the basic transactions and from limitations of standard banking hours.

If you need to open a UBL Omni bank account, visit the Omni Dukaan where you would like to open the account with your original CNIC. You can open the account with minimum RS. 100 deposit amount. Fill out the account opening form and submit the form to the agent. You will also receive a confirmation SMS upon your submission. After taking your digital photo, the agent will provide you the copy of account opening form and confirmation slip that will be stamped. Your account will be activated and running once your request is processed by the bank.

You will be contacted within 24 hours for verification and your UBL Omni account will be activated. You will also receive another SMS from 8257 which tells that you are ready to use UBL Omni services. You can also use UBL Omni with UBL WAP, SMS Banking or Web. Remember, you need to have minimum RS. 500 in your UBL Omni account to entertain the services. For utility bills payments, initially a limited number of companies are supported by the service such as PTCL, SSGC, SNGPL, KESC, HESCO, FESCO, IESCO, QESCO and KWSB. Later on more companies will be added to the list.

If you already operate an account with UBL then just send your CNIC number to 8257 and immediately your UBL Omni account will activated. Those customers, who are not operating a UBL Omni bank account, will also be able to use utility bills payments, mobile payments, send or receive money and prepaid mobile cards.

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