Apple iPod Touch Price in Pakistan

  • Apple iPod Touch Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Apple
  • Product Type : iPod
  • Model : Touch
  • Screen Size : 4.0 Inches
  • Camera : 5MP, Autofocus, LED Flash
  • Colors : Silver, Slate, Yellow, Pink and Blue
  • Memory : 32GB/64GB
  • Body Type : Touchscreen
  • Weight : 88g
  • Display : IPS Retina
    • Apple iPod Touch Prices


  • Apple iPod Touch 5G 32GB Price in Pakistan31,500 (Pak Rupee)

Apple iPod Touch Review

The Apple iPod touch is a revolutionary innovation by Apple which is slim, light and classy beyond your dreams! This iPod has so much to offer, from a great camera to thousands of Apple apps. Now interact with your friends on Facebook or listen to music all day long with this amazing iPod. Here is a review on this wonderful gadget.

A Head Turning Device

The Apple iPod is thinner and lighter than you can ever imagine. It is available in a range of pretty colors. You can get it in silver, pink, slate, blue and yellow. These vibrant and beautiful colors wouldn’t let you stop staring at this classy device!

A Feather-Light Gadget

Once you are done looking at this marvel created by Apple, take it in your hands to see how light this gadget weighs. It is full of amazing features as well as apps, yet it feels feather-light! This is a sign of a good gadget; it must be easy to use and should be convenient to carry. For this reason, Apple has created this unbelievably lightweight iPod.

Big Screen for More Enjoyment

There is no doubt about the fact that a portable device should be small and light so that it is easy to carry and use anywhere. However, the screen size should be large enough in order to let the users enjoy their experience with the gadget. For this reason, the latest Apple iPod has been developed with a screen of 4.0 inches. It is neither too big nor too small; it is just perfect! So, you can enjoy playing games or viewing a slide-show of your pictures on this big screen of the Apple iPod.

Dual-Core Processor for More Power

What is different between the latest Apple iPod touch and its previous generations? One of the most remarkable differences is the more powerful and faster dual-core processor. This means you can enjoy more apps as the latest processor can easily bear their burden!

In particular, the dual-core processor plays a very important role when it comes to playing games on your latest Apple iPod. This dual-core processor A5 chip handles all the graphics involved with games much better. So, overall, the users can enjoy playing games to the fullest.

Unlimited Entertainment

Having the latest Apple iPod touch means having unlimited entertainment! The users can enjoy various forms of entertainment, be it video games, videos, music or social networking. The users can enjoy music on iTunes and personalize their own music library. Moreover, the 4.0 inches screen lets the users enjoy watching movies more than ever! The great resolution also plays its part when it comes to watching videos. The depth of colors and the sharpness all contribute towards a great experience.

Apple iPod Touch Pictures

Apple iPod Touch Features

  • 88g Weight
  • 4-inch widescreen Multi-Touch IPS Retina Display
  • 5-megapixel iSight autofocus camera with LED Flas
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0
  • 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
  • Built in Speaker, Microphone
  • Built in memory: 32GB/64GB
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Music Playback up to 40 hours
  • Video Playback up to 8 hours

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