Telenor Internet PackagesPrices in Pakistan
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Telenor Internet Packages

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Telenor Internet Packages
Telenor internet packages are superb offers, which can be subscribed by Telenor talkshawk and Telenor djuice users. It is so obvious that if Telenor is providing you the best ever deals then why you should go anywhere else for the sake of internet entertainment. You have all the options to stream videos on internet, chat with your friends and connect to social media networks. These packages are offered for all kind of customers whether they are students, jobholders, businessmen, household women or any other profession. These packages are mentioned in chronological order to satisfy your individual needs. With all packages on one page, you have one stop solution to all your internet needs.

Telenor Internet Package

Telenor Talkshawk Packages:

Telenor Talkshawk is an exciting service by the company and has lot of stuff to deal with in its basket. You have numerous SMS Packages, Call Packages and internet packages to rejoice with this network facility. Restricting here to only internet packages you will fully utilize your precious time while seeking important information. Following are the full details of Telenor Talkshawk internet packages.

Daily Mobile Internet Package for Talkshawk:

This internet package has plenty of stuff in it to make you joyful all the time. You have economical rates of surfing the data on web whether it relates to downloading or connecting to social websites. Plenty of data amount is accorded to your account while it will not cost you very much. This internet bundle will:

  • Offer 3MB of GPRS data to be surfed within a day after subscription.
  • Cost at the rate of Rs.10 including taxes for one day.
  • Be subscribed by dialing *345*901# from your Telenor number.
  • Charge as per utilization of KB data of internet.
  • Be valid only for prepaid customers.
  • You can check the balance of data by dialing *999# that will be charged for Rs.0.1 plus taxes.

Djuice Internet Packages:

Djuice is another fun and entertainment service by Telenor and perhaps it is the best ever service introduced by any of the cellular companies in Pakistan. All of its offers are just amazing whether they relates to making calls, SMS or internet surfing. The last one, djuice internet packages are dealing with Telenor’s valuable customers at the best of their level with low rates and plenty of offered data to be surfed on the web. Following are the complete details of djuice daily, weekly and monthly internet packages.

Internet Offer for Economy Price Plan:

Djuice brings exciting internet deal for Economy price plan subscribers. It is the fantastic offer of Telenor and provides sufficient units of GPRS data for one whole day. Just read the below details and have a great time of using internet on your mobile phone.

  • You can use up to 3MB of internet data after subscribing to this package.
  • It will cost you Rs.3.99 inclusive of all taxes per day.
  • For subscription, you just need to dial *345*900# from your mobile number.
  • For checking the remaining amount of GPRS data, dial *999# which will be charged at Rs.0.10 plus taxes.
  • The validity of this package is 1 day.

Djuice Daily Internet Package:

Djuice presents another daily package deal for its internet lovers. It is also an economical one and to keep the customers confidence at optimum level, there is enough GPRS data sanction and consumer will find no scarcity of using it. Details of this package are as follows.

  • You can use 15 MBs of GPRS data on your mobile internet after subscribing to this package.
  • It is charged at the rate of Rs.12 including all taxes for one day.
  • To subscribe, you have to dial *345*905# from your djuice mobile number.
  • Validity of this package is only 1 day.
  • You can also check your remaining amount of GPRS data by dialing *999#.

Djuice Weekly Internet Package:

This is also very attractive package and using internet on one’s mobile phone is not so expensive now. Activating this weekly internet package, you will have extra benefit of saving the amount if you do not love to use internet at passionate level. The following details will help you greatly.

  • You can use 15 MBs of GPRS data for consecutive 7 days of validity period.
  • This GPRS data can be availed by paying Rs.35 to company with no additional charges.
  • It can be subscribed by dialing *345*902# from your Djuice network.
  • You can track the usage of GPRS data by dialing *999#.

Djuice Monthly Internet package:

If you really want to have long time connectivity with internet through your mobile phone, switch on to this monthly package by Djuice. No matter if you are downloading videos from internet or just browsing websites, there is no stoppage to your craze. Read the following details to see if this package is affordable and suitable for you or not.

  • 45 MBs of internet GPRS data is given for your satisfaction for one whole month from the date of subscription to this package.
  • Charges are Rs.105 including all government taxes.
  • Subscription dialing code is *345*903#.
  • Validity period is 30 days and after that, it will be subscribed again.

Djuice Unlimited Internet Package:

Djuice now brings the elimination of all your problems. Feel no boundaries of downloading videos, no break downs of internet speeds and connect yourself to the internet world for a whole month. Djuice unlimited internet package is an exciting deal and complete details of this package is scratched below this paragraph.

  • You can surf and download 500 MBs of internet data after subscription to this internet bundle.
  • You will have to pay only Rs.250 including all taxes for availing this unlimited bundle offer.
  • For subscription, you just have to dial a short code of *345*904#.
  • You can also check the remaining amount of GPRS data by dialing a code of *999#.
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  1. SaimMay 12,2013 Reply

    Telenor mb buht kam he. Jaz k 3 din wale pacj ko top karna chaiy

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    Telenor mb buht kam he.

  3. SaimMay 12,2013 Reply

    Telenor mp buht kam he.

  4. JawedApr 3,2013 Reply

    ary bhai 3 mb se kiya hota hai mobilink 200 mb deta he 10 rupy me

  5. Rana waseemMar 22,2013 Reply

    dear talinor teem , I would like to know regarding internet package for monthly based unlimited package ,kindly inform about it via emaile to me thanks waseem

  6. adilkhanMar 16,2013 Reply

    telenor net data MB bohat kam deta hi

  7. nadeemFeb 17,2013 Reply

    telenor ki data sim i mean 3g sim nahe market mein kia

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  9. saifFeb 1,2013 Reply

    Dear sir, i want to know, What will the charges per minute without net package.?????

  10. Najaf aliJan 7,2013 Reply

    aap ki pass telenor ka acha pakage kon sa hai internet pakage

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