First Solar ATM Launched: A Step Forward To Solar EnergyPrices in Pakistan
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First Solar ATM Launched: A Step Forward To Solar Energy

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First Solar ATM Launched: A Step Forward To Solar Energy

Pakistan is facing energy crises for years and it has resulted in huge loss in industrial sector. Many of companies have shut down their production facilities because of long spells of power shortages and the textile sector is the most prominent in the list. Recently Gul Ahmad, a well-known textile brand, has shifted its production facilities from Pakistan to Bangladesh where they were offered 5 years tax free business period.
We are not only losing investments from our country but repelling the foreign direct investments as well which could come here in the future. The menace does not stop here and it continues to laying-off thousands of industrial labors.

Amidst this entire scene we saw an initiative from National Bank of Pakistan which has introduced solar energy powered ATM machine. This move of NBP shows that there are different ways possible till we get a dependable solution for the energy problem in our country. Other banks and companies in industrial sector should also look for the energy alternatives. We are not talking about big factories but as far as small and medium sized firms are concerned such alternatives are workable.
The best thing about solar energy panel is that installing it is a onetime cost only and you do not have to pay massive bills at the end of every month. This would help in two ways; first that small firms would not be dependent on the national grid and secondly there would be a reduction in the burden over national power supply which would expectedly result in less spells of electricity load shedding. Ultimately less power shortage would ensure provision of less interrupted supply to industries.

This could be better short term solution but in the long run this is not sufficient. Our so called democratic government needs to realize the gravity of this issue and address it with the concern it requires. Other than solar energy there are many energy solutions available like wind mills and bio gas fuel which can opted likewise.

The govt. should encourage and subsidize such energy alternatives in small firms so that burden over national grid may reduce and economy downfall our country may be repaired.

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